It’s fun to “Pay” at the YMCA helps nonprofit customize Payroll + HR

“Dealing with Checkwriters was such a breath of fresh air. The most surprising thing about making the transition was the ease of it! Their system is robust, but very cost effective. I recommend you take a look.”

Jannel Hill – HR Leader at the YMCA – was searching for a Payroll and HR solution that could be adapted to a large nonprofit organization. She also needed a system that could accommodate the unique Payroll and HR needs of her team, like employees who worked multiple jobs at different rates of pay.

In addition, Jannel was looking for Applicant Tracking + Onboarding, Benefit Enrollment, and an Employee App that all functioned together under the same Payroll and HR platform.

In April 2021, we sat down with Jannel at India Point Park in Providence, Rhode Island where she shared her experience with the Checkwriters Sales, Onboarding, and Service teams, and how Checkwriters helped her team at the Y by offering a more customizable approach to Payroll and HR!

By Dakota Hebert
Chief Marketing Officer, Checkwriters
Dakota joined Checkwriters in 2013, where he worked in the Sales and Marketing departments and currently serves as Chief Marketing Officer. As CMO, he is responsible for the company’s national brand and marketing, corporate communications, and strategic marketing partnerships. Before joining Checkwriters, he worked in communications in the U.S. Senate in Washington, D.C.

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