New Jersey minimum wage update

  • January 1, 2021 , the state minimum wage for most employees is $12.00 per hour.
  • For seasonal and small employers (those with less than six employees) the minimum wage is $11.10 per hour.
  • For agricultural employers, the minimum wage is $10.44 per hour.
  • For tipped employees, the state minimum base or cash wage is $4.13 per hour.
  • Employees who are not covered by New Jersey’s minimum wage requirements include automobile salespersons, outside salespersons, part-time employees primarily engaged in childcare in the home of an employer; minors under the age of eighteen (18) except for those working in hotels, restaurants, retail, beauty culture, and cleaning occupations, among others).
  • Full-time college students employed by the college or university which they attend must be paid no less than 85% of the state minimum wage.
  • Direct care staff at long-term care facilities must be paid $3.00 above the prevailing minimum wage rate, which would be $15.00 effective January 1, 2021.
  • For more information, please see these FAQs found on the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development website.

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