Dunkin’ franchise owner chooses Checkwriters as vendor with whom he’d most like to “share a cup of coffee”

Industry: Food and Beverage

Location: Quincy, MA

Size: 100+ employees

Customer since: October 2021

Checkwriters product level: HR Premier; Onboarding

ABOUT: In 1979 Jose J. Carvalho purchased the original Dunkin’ Donuts shop located on Southern Artery in Quincy, MA. His dedication and hard work gained him respect as a business man and in community affairs. Mr. Carvalho retired in 1994, but the business he started has grown as a result of the same dedication and business acumen passed on to his two sons, Victor Carvalho and Octavio Carvalho. The Carvalho Group is a family run business with a number of Dunkin’ Donuts stores in the Quincy and Weymouth area. Their business model consists of providing exceptional products and services to their customers as well as a safe working environment for their employees that includes the potential for advancement for career-minded individuals.


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