Aug 31 2016

Did you recently receive a late notice from the IRS? 

It was likely issued in error. The IRS has alerted employers that many payroll tax deposits made on May 31 (next day- depositors) and June 2 (semiweekly depositors) were incorrectly sent late notices even though the deposits were actually made on time.


Aug 04 2016

In Massachusetts, employers are now prevented from requesting salary history from job applicants.

The state is the first in the country to expressly prohibit employers from requesting prior pay information.

On August 1, the governor signed the Massachusetts Pay Equity Bill into law. It had previously passed unanimously in the Massachusetts legislature.

The Pay Equity Bill is one of a handful of bills that the Massachusetts governor requested be on his desk before the end of the current legislative session. Notably, it has been hailed as “compromise legislation,” endorsed by both labor groups and business associations.

Indeed, Richard Lord, President and CEO of Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) – whose organization worked on the compromise bill – expressed gratitude that the legislation “ensures fair compensation for all workers while allowing employers to attract and retain skilled employees.”

So how will the bill affect employers in the Bay State?

Jun 30 2016

CheckWriters' HR Director, Carly Fallon, recently returned from Washington, DC for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2016 Annual Conference.

Over 15,000 HR pros attended the conference. We spoke with Carly to get some of her top takeaways:

Jun 09 2016

You're over the biggest hurdles now.

You've determined Applicable Large Employer (ALE) status. You’ve offered coverage to your full-time employees. And you’ve completed the exhaustive ACA Forms 1095-C and 1094-C filing with the IRS.

You’re basically an ACA pro.

But there’s still work to be done. Now it comes down to preserving and maintaining all that ACA data you’ve carefully compiled and reviewed.


May 17 2016

In a world where we have such exciting "pay as you go" options like cell phone plans and bicycle rentals, something like Pay as you Go Workers' Compensation Insurance might seem a bit less exciting to the average person.

But as a business owner or Payroll and HR leader, pay-as-you-go Worker's Compensation should pique your interest. That's because it offers some major benefits over traditional Workers' Compensation Insurance policies. 

As we all know, Workers' Compensation Insurance is mandatory for most employers (although there are slight differences in requirements by state). Generally speaking, Workers' Compensation Insurance protects the employer from lawsuits brought by injured employees. It also ensures the employee gets benefits regardless of who was at fault.

Here are 3 benefits of opting for pay as you go Workers' Compensation Insurance, rather than a traditional policy:

Apr 29 2016

Employers often wonder if they are required to reimburse employees for mileage. 

If we go by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the answer is no - the FLSA does not explicity require employers to reimburse employees for mileage (although the state of California does require it).

Even though mileage reimbursement is not required by federal law, most employers choose to do so anyway. It's an attractive benefit and, for employees who do a lot of driving like deliverymen and salespeople, an expected benefit.

Apr 13 2016

There's not much to love about taxes. 

Tax credits are a different story, though. Especially tax credits that save your business money when you hire certain employees. 

Basically, that's the idea behind the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) - a federal tax credit for employers who hire and retain individuals from certain target groups.

Read on to find out why employers love the WOTC:

Mar 14 2016

A new employee’s first day of work can be just as hectic for you as it is for them.

But a well-written and thorough employee handbook will make it easier for both of you, and help start your new hires off on sound footing.

Here’s a list of 5 items that should feature prominently in your employee handbook:

Feb 24 2016

In our imagination, online hackers assume many thrilling forms. 

Like international shadow-organizations pulling digital strings. Or James Bond villains seizing control of the Internet. 

Of course, the reality isn't nearly as cinematic.

But it'd be a big mistake to assume that smaller organizations and regular folks running their businesses aren’t targeted as well – even if by less outrageous figures than James Bond villains.

Online payroll and HR makes work ten times simpler for you and your employees. But as we both know, the personal and financial information involved makes security ten times more important.

One prominent security safeguard CheckWriters has instituted platform-wide to protect you against the bad guys is two-factor authentication, or 2FA.

Feb 05 2016

"Equal pay for equal work" is more than just a political rallying cry.

On January 29, 2016, President Obama took executive action to require businesses with 100 or more employees to report employee wage and hour information broken down by gender, race, and ethnicity. This action will manifest in the form of new Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) reporting requirements.