NEW! Enhancements to the Time Off Calendar

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Managing time off requests can be a nightmare without an organized process. The CheckWriters Time Off Calendar is just the tool for the job: one place to manage and schedule employee time off requests.

Many of our customers have already discovered how the Time Off Calendar can help make their job easier. Indeed, Charity, the Administrative Assistant at our customer Benhaven School, said "I LOVE the Time Off Calendar - it's my favorite feature in the CheckWriters platform!"

So of course, our Development Team decided to enhance its functionality - and add a few new features along the way!

Here are the highlights:

- Manage all employee time off requests from one central location within your CheckWriters platform

- The Calendar view summarizes requests and organizes with color-coded status

- The Detail view breaks down additional information for each request and allows you to adjust the date range so you see only the information you need

- You can now approve or deny either an entire request or only part of a request

- Requests can now be made in days or hours, and the administrator can set company preferences for various departments, groups, and individual employees

Watch the video for a brief overview of the Time Off Calendar - and be sure to request a demo from your Account Specialist if you're not already utilizing this great tool!


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Comment by Al Fischbein |

Just realizing that the new enhancements to the Time Off Calendar caused some unintended consequences - all of our employees were previously able to see everyone's scheduled PTO. Now it looks like only the managers can see everyone's PTO time. We would like to get back to where all of our employees have that view of everyone's PTO schedule as this helps with future scheduling. Please advise.

Comment by Al Fischbein |

Well, I just found out "now" that Managers can see only their team's PTO. Only the Admins can see everyone's PTO. We need everyone to be able to see everyone's PTO. Please advise.

Reply by Administrator

Hi Al! One of our Account Specialists will be in touch today. The feature you're referring to has always been available and can be turned on/off at the request of the client. Thank you for commenting!