Compliance Alert: MA Paid Family Medical Leave Update

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Last week, CheckWriters sent a note announcing the MA PFML delay in contribution collection until October 1st this document has been updated with the most current information on the program.  In particular, please note the following changes from our original notification:

  • Effective date for first contributions moved from 7/1/2019 to 10/1/2019.
  • Rate increases for the Medical and Family leave components.
  • Labor Poster has been updated - Updated Poster
  • Employee Notification – If you provided written notices to your workforce prior to the June 14 delay announcement, you will need to provide them with a Rate Update Sheet explaining the new dates and contribution rates. This sheet DOES NOT have to be signed by the covered individual, but you’ll need to keep a record of its distribution.  If you have not yet sent these notifications, please use the updated form for W2 employees - Employee Notification as well as for your 1099-MISC workers - 1099 Workers.
  • Employers may now choose to deduct differing percentages from the wages/payments of different groups of covered individuals – but it may not deduct more than the maximum percentages authorized.
  • Revised date for submitting your contribution worksheets to CheckWriters – the worksheet is now due back to your CheckWriters Account Specialist by August 31st. If you have already sent your form to us, there is NO NEED to resubmit.  Unless you contact us and elect to make a change, we will use your original document.

It was also announced that the final regulations defining the parameters of the law are set to be released by 7/1/2019.  CheckWriters will continue to review these updates and notify you of any pertinent changes as relates to your payroll needs.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Specialist.

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